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letter from a
Grateful Mother

Several years ago, public school officials in Massachusetts received the following letter from the mother of a child who was being tutored by an undergraduate from this Project:

"To Whom It May Concern:

"I would like someone to know that [the undergraduate] has helped my daughter in so many ways and it's only the beginning of the semester. My daughter improved so much thanks to him and the hour he works with her. She has trouble expressing herself on paper, and she wrote my husband and I the most beautiful letter, with his help, that I had tears in my eyes.

"He must be a wonderful man to help others and I would like not only him be recognized but all of the staff that helps [my daughter]. They are to be commended.

"[My daughter] needs help to learn reading and words and this year I can finally see her problem. After 2 years of all the help she gets I can finally relax. And I'm not so frustrated. The problem is reading. And I told her that is the problem and that's all. She's come a long way. I will really try even harder to work with her in that area. Thanks to Downey, I'm very happy with the support of the teachers because their patience and their teachers. Sharon would like to be a teacher and she needs all the support she can get. She's much happier, especially in Math and Spelling.

"I hope all the programs succeed in Special Ed and hope every higher up knows how important these extra sessions are for children who need them." (Emphasis supplied.)