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A Realistic

Any number of college-level academic disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences take their expression in the real world. The courses supported by the National Education Project are designed to combine experience (that is, tutoring in the community) with rigorous intellectual analysis (that is, the weekly seminars with the professor, as well as various readings and papers), and, by combining experience and theory in this manner, to give undergraduates a more realistic education than they can get through courses that provide classroom theory alone.

In assessing the educational value that these courses had for the undergraduates, an Economics professor at the University of Miami wrote:

"The field experience brought a dimension to the [undergraduates'] education which would otherwise have been absent.

"The practical experience gave them insights into social realities which would have been nearly impossible to impart in a pure classroom environment, and this also made them think much more critically about many concepts which they had encountered on a purely intellectual level.

"Coming from an abstract discipline like Economics, I found this particularly gratifying." (Emphasis supplied.)