The National Education Project, Inc.

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Press clips
National Literacy Program

Over the years, articles about the work of The National Education Project, Inc. (formerly, The Washington Education Project, Inc.) have appeared in the following newspapers and magazines:

Baltimore Sun

— "The principal of a Miami school for emotionally disturbed adolescents wrote that because of the tutors, 'our remedial reading students have had reading level gains of one to two years within a three-to-five month period ... ' As the program continues, he said, his school 'tries to be first in line when tutors are assigned at the beginning of the semester.' "

— "Teachers ... are realistic enough to take all the help they can get. They decide which children are tutored. They send letters praising the undergraduates. So do parents."

— "[The Project] is highly adaptable ... . It is almost cost-free: no capital expenditures, no property rentals, no special books, no time wasted looking for people to teach ..., no expensive experimenting with methods."

2. Beaufort Gazette (Beaufort, South Carolina)

— "South Carolina has one of the highest rates of illiteracy in the nation. It also has fine educational institutions ... throughout the state. Why not a South Carolina Education Project which would help all South Carolinians stand on their own feet in a technological age?"

3. Parade Magazine

— "[This] simple idea was a raging success. ... Along the way, Manasa infected some powerful people with his dream. His old boss, Chief Justice Warren E. Burger, is one of the program's biggest boosters."

4. Reader's Digest

— "One of the more interesting approaches ... "

5. Richmond Times-Dispatch

— "A ... campaign for tapping the enormous educational resource of 10 million undergraduates ..."

— " ... the one-on-one instruction benefits privileged college students, too."

6. U.S. News & World Report

— "One of the most inventive ideas ... "

7. The Washington Post

— " ... the results are uniformly encouraging. ... [This] simple idea, the critical elements of which already have been proven, really does have the potential of transforming school systems - not just in the nation's capital but across America."

— "... hard-pressed teachers get free tutorial help for students who need it most, and the low-performing students may find themselves nudged back into the academic mainstream."

— "According to [the classroom teacher], the second-grade youngsters assigned to the program because of their low test scores, improved a year or more in reading and math after just one semester's participation. The reason? The tutors are able to provide what most public school teachers cannot: one-on-one time with individual students."

— "But the [National Education Project] approach, if it catches on, could mark the most important start in 20 years on a problem that has confounded the experts and made pessimists of us all."

Articles and essays describing the National Education Project have also been published in the following newspapers and magazines:

  1. Baltimore Evening Sun
  2. Houston Chronicle
  3. The Miami Herald
  4. The New York Times
  1. Presstime (The Newspaper Association of America)
  2. The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle
  3. San Antonio Express-News