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Results of the Tutoring

Evaluations of the

Effectiveness of the Tutors by Classroom Teachers

All tutors in this Project work in the back of the classroom, with one or two children at a time, and always under the direct supervision of classroom teachers. At the end of each semester, the classroom teachers evaluate the effectiveness of the tutors, by completing the "Classroom Teacher's One-Page, End-of-Semester Evaluation Form."

Classroom Teacher Evaluation Form

These evaluation forms are collected at the end of each semester by the professor who manages the course. The professor then sends a copy of each evaluation to the National Education Project as part of the professor's Final Report for the semester.

Here, with minor edits for brevity and clarity, are several evaluations of the effectiveness of the tutors, written by classroom teachers who supervised the undergraduates in Chicago, Boston, and New York City:

Chicago, Illinois:

The following evaluations were written by a 2nd Grade teacher in a public elementary school that drew its children from the Cabrini-Green Public Housing Project. At the time these evaluations were written, the Cabrini-Green Public Housing Project had one of the highest concentrations of poverty in Chicago.

It should be said that the undergraduates produced these results in just one semester of tutoring.

"Bill [the undergraduate] was a very positive force in both Gregory's and Bernard's school year. He motivated the boys with stories, guided activities, and games. The boys felt very special because they had Bill as their tutor.

"Gregory gained 1 Year and 8 Months in Reading. Bernard gained 1 Year and 1 Month in Math."

"Connie [the undergraduate] worked diligently with Orlando and Shadeed. Each boy is a very unique student by all standards, but Connie was always there to motivate and interest the boys in different areas.

"Orlando gained 1 Year and 5 Months in Math, and Shadeed gained 6 Months in Math."

"Tammie [the undergraduate] was very positive for the children. ... She reinforced class activities when needed. Her students were always begging to be tutored first, because each section was meaningful.

"Latoya gained 9 Months in Math. Akil gained 1 Year and 3 Months in Math."

"Nicole [the undergraduate] was very warm and caring for Michael, Stanley and Artrice. She motivated them in all subject areas when possible by reading stories, guiding activities, and with games.

"Stanley gained 1 Year and 6 Months in Math, and Artrice gained 9 Months in Math. No data was available for Michael. Nicole was a very good tutor for the students."

"Kristen [the undergraduate] worked very closely with her students. One of her students transferred and she had to start with a new tutee. She motivated him the same way she motivated the other students. She was very positive and it showed on the students' faces each time after the sections.

"Lawrence gained 7 Months in Reading, and Terrance gained self-confidence. No [test] data was available for Terrance, but the self-confidence was even more valued."

Boston, Massachusetts:

The following evaluations were written by classroom teachers in Boston who received tutors from this Project:

"I do believe that Mary (the undergraduate) has been a significant advantage to my classroom. At least two of the students she emphasized instruction with are very needy in both emotional and motivational areas. Her quite, caring instruction motivated them to really participate and concentrate. I feel the 1/2 year gains these students did make would not have been accomplished in larger groups.

"Also, 3 other students increased from 1 year to 2 years on their vocabulary and comprehension scores, returning them to grade level achievement in reading. These students have made such large and confident gains that I feel they may return to the regular classes."

"Two of my spelling students went from having 20's and 30's on tests to 80's and 90's. Their language skills also improved greatly. [The undergraduate] did a fine job."

"I found [the undergraduate] very professional. She was very punctual and cooperative. My student was definitely helped by her extra attention. She helped him with his sight vocabulary and oral reading. Consequently, his phrasing and fluency showed an improvement. I would appreciate another tutor in my room."

"[The undergraduate] was very effective tutoring my student. The child receiving the help has great difficulty spelling correctly. [The undergraduate] helped the child to score higher marks on the weekly tests."

"[The undergraduate was] very helpful. Students who would have fallen behind due to behavior, absence, etc. were able to maintain the pace of the group."

"[The undergraduate] was very reliable and cheerful. I had her working with a child who was just moved to my class from the bottom group. The added attention made him advance to one of the better students in my class."

"[The undergraduate] helped both students she worked with. The students completed very little work before her help. When they worked with [the undergraduate], their work was done and this has carried over to other work. Their attitude towards school also improved. [The undergraduate] did an excellent job."

"[The undergraduate] was an excellent tutor. She helped my 3 students greatly with their writing skills. The students writing grades have gone up a whole grade. I hope to have a tutor in the fall.

"[The undergraduate] helped her students achieve 1 grade higher for the term. Good motivation for the students."

"Both children [the undergraduate] tutored did 1 grade higher work last semester. She worked quietly and efficiently with each student. She was a big help."

"[The undergraduate] gave her students praise as she helped them with division. Having her work with them individually helped them to stay on task. Her help allowed the students to achieve one grade higher this term."

New York, New York:

The following evaluation was written by a public elementary school classroom teacher in New York City who received a tutor from this Project:

"[The undergraduate] was very effective in helping my two non-English speaking students learn English. The Russian speaking child could only say hello when she came in October. She now is taking the weekly spelling tests and doing very well.

"The Arabic child was difficult to tutor because he was not eager to try or learn. [The undergraduate] drew him out and he is now at least trying.

"Both students were brought to grade level in Math through her help. The students and I will miss her."