The National Education Project, Inc.

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Evaluations of The Tutors by
Three School Principals

New York, New York:

After receiving tutors from this Project for three years, the principal of a New York City public elementary school wrote:

"Teachers' Reaction — When the program started, teachers were happy to become involved - because it meant that specific needs would be addressed. Students who needed extra help would be helped.

"After three years of working with the program — teachers who were happy are now delighted. One of the first questions as we start a new semester or term is, 'When are the tutors coming?'

"Teachers do not mind the extra preparation involved - they are pleased to work with the tutors, to have on-going discussions, cooperative planning, follow-up and evaluation. Plan books have often included lessons or specific skills for tutors - and the program has become an intricate part of our teaching process." (Emphasis supplied.)

Boston, Massachusetts:

Here is an evaluation of the tutors written by the principal of a public elementary school in Boston:

"I am writing this letter to you so that I may express my sincere appreciation for allowing my school to participate in the National Education Project.

"Our first year in the program has afforded our students and teachers a very unique and enriching experience. Participating students and teachers have expressed genuine feeling of excitement and satisfaction with the manner in which the program was implemented. Also, I had many opportunities to talk to the tutors and sensed a true commitment towards working with our children.

"Once again, I cannot express enough my total satisfaction in support of this program. We are looking forward to continuing this program for the next school year."

Miami, Florida:

In Miami, the principal of a public elementary school has this to say about the effectiveness of the tutors:

"The service that the tutors perform is irreplaceable. They bring a vital freshness and objectivity to our students' situation, which is often lost with 'volunteer' organizations. Their help makes possible the individual attention and instruction that our students so need.

"Because of these factors, our remedial reading students have had reading level gains of one to two years within a three-to-five month period of tutoring." (Emphasis supplied.)