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National Literacy Program Summary

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I. The National Education Project, Inc.

A. Purpose and History of this Project

B. The National Education Project's 50-City Initiative

C. Raising Reading and Math Scores Across an Entire City

D. Five-year, $50,000 Grants to the Colleges

E. How to Get One Program Running in Your City

F. A College May Receive More than One $50,000 Grant

G. Colleges and Universities Eligible to Participate

H. Elementary Schools Eligible to Participate

I. The National Education Project's Eight Basic Operational Documents

II. Course Description

A. The Five Course Requirements

B. Undergraduates Eligible to Participate

C. Why the Undergraduates Do Tutoring

D. Starting the Course - What the Colleges Do

E. Responsibilities of the College Faculty Member

F. Student Coordinators

G. Starting the Course - What the Elementary Schools Do

H. Training and Supervision of the Tutors by the Classroom Teachers

III. Measuring the Effectiveness of the Tutors, Accountability, and Results

IV. Operational and Cost Efficiencies of The National Education Project, Inc.

V. End-of-Semester Report of Results for Corporate and Foundation Sponsors

VI. The Tutors, the Children, and The Constitution of the United States

VII. The Critical Importance of Literacy for America, and for You

A. Creating the Nation's Wealth in the Technological Age

B. Reading and the National Defense

C. Your City, Wealth, and World Competition

D. Your Child and $3,000,000

VIII. Why the National Education Project Actually Works

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